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Field Work/ Nis Rømer & Lise Skou

YNKB in cooperation with Anja Franke/ InstantHERLEV institute

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Schmuck2 e. V. with students of the jewelry department "Het Sieraad", Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam - Dovile Bernadisiute, Mio Fujimaki, Tamara Vierbergen, Jing He, Garam Jung, Laura Klinkenberg, Karoline Kvist, Giedre Lisauskaite, Veselina Popova, Bregje Sliepenbeck, Misato Unno and Eline Willemarck

Ulrike Solbrig

KRYSTALLERNES HÆVN [Re: The Revenge of the Crystals] - a spectacle in 5 acts
Artists: Field Work / Lise Skou and Nis Rømer (Danish) In collaboration with dramaturgic Gritt Uldall-Jessen Performed and recorded in DK. June 2012. Video installation.

We are in a near future, in a post-revolutionary and post-capitalistic zone. After the orgie. In a faint and lustreless after-match. A point in time when the decay of society has become a habit and no alternatives or visions have replaced it.

As a result of the financial crisis around 2012 the global monetary system broke down. Every institution in society has disappeared. Waste regulations, polls, pensions, insurances and therapy are no longer available. It exists only as a waste memory in the human mind. The national state has collapsed and every human being is now in a stage of ‘no-man’s-land’. Nationality is no longer a useful model of identification. In ’The Revenge of the Crystals’ we witness the historical outcome of the fatal regimenting of citizens caused by hegemony.

The script is written by Lise Skou and Nis Rømer in collaboration with dramaturgic Gritt Uldall-Jessen. It’s based on literary references such as: ‘On Revolution’ by Hanne Arendt, ‘The Human Condition’ by Hanne Arendt, ‘Stato di Eccezione’ by Giorgio Agamben, ‘The Coming Insurrection’ by Comité Invisible, ’Always Coming Home’ by Ursula K. LeGuin, ‘Le Noveau Monde amoureux’ by Charles Fourier plus the spectacle ‘The Doss House’ by Maxim Gorkij.

Performed by: Maria Gersby, Marie Andersson, Pil Josefine Cecilie Nielsen, Rosa Sand Michelsen, Sebastian Hjort Sørensen plus Nis Rømer and Lise Skou

Directed by: Gritt Uldall-Jessen

Field Work /Lise Skou and Nis Rømer was formed in 2006. Their work have been seen at Gentle Actions – Art, Ecology and Actions at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (2010), the 4th Bucharest Biennale (2010), the soloexhibition Workarounds at Gallery Goloss, Cph (2010) and Katastrofenalarm at NGBK, Berlin (2008).

Also www.field-work.dk

Krystallens Hævn was supported by THE DANISH ARTSCOUNCIL.