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Ingrid Book & Carina Hedén

Kristinn G. Harðarson

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Charlotte Nilsen/ Feil Farge Produksjoner

Åsa Sonjasdotter

Field Work/ Nis Rømer & Lise Skou

YNKB in cooperation with Anja Franke/ InstantHERLEV institute

Elke Mohr & Ingeborg Lockemann with Cüneyt Varol

Schmuck2 e. V. with students of the jewelry department "Het Sieraad", Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam - Dovile Bernadisiute, Mio Fujimaki, Tamara Vierbergen, Jing He, Garam Jung, Laura Klinkenberg, Karoline Kvist, Giedre Lisauskaite, Veselina Popova, Bregje Sliepenbeck, Misato Unno and Eline Willemarck

Ulrike Solbrig

Participate in the repair workshop and bring your own object for repair!

We are ready to repair together with you. Openings hours: from 12 – 18 Saturday and Sunday 4 – 5 August. See the publication: Reparation-Repair. YNKB Tema 13 and http://www.ynkb.dk/reparation.shtml

Since 2006 YNKB has made several repair workshops in different locations in Denmark YNKB establish a simple repair workshop on the site with the most necessary hand tools, a carpenter’s bench is good to have, a solid table, sewing machines, and useful equipment like glue, nails, screws etc. Or the site could be an already existing workshop with the necessary tools. We seek to involve locals, professionals or amateurs, with a special skill for repairing and find creative solutions. With the help of posters, flyers and through the local network we announce the dates and location of the repair workshop. We ask people to come, and bring items in need of repair, be it broken toys, furniture, clothes, bags, bikes, anything which you don’t want to throw away. Nice and usable things you like or need. Objects with a special value for you, but in need of care or repair. Together with the owner of the broken object we discuss how to repair the brought item. In principle the owner must repair the object, with the assistance of YNKB or other people present. After the repair is finished the owner of the repaired object is asked to fill in a form with information about the repair, and a photo of the repaired object is displayed on the wall. The production of the works happening in the repair workshop with the audience and documented as a series of photos. YNKB (Ydre Nørrebro Kultur Bureau) is connected to the movement in art in the last half of the twentieth century away from the unique art object and consequently also the demand for the unique originality, which we see as an expression of the heritage from the Renaissance and the raise of individualism and the worship of the genius. For YNKB it`s iimportant to create – or recreate – meaning, content, commons and presence. We are operating with the idea or the concept of “Cultural renovation” and “repair” as a both theoretical and practical project.

YNKB wants to highlight this everyday event also done by our fellow citizens, which demands creativity, care and a practical approach to the surrounding world, and draw attention to the aesthetical end ethical values in reparations as opposed to contributing to the increasing amount of waste and garbage. and thereby send a signal of a change in attitude both in artistic and social sense, as a sustainable and inclusive way in artistic thinking on the basis of generosity and self-sufficiency. The repaired object could have an even greater value to the owner than a new object, having resisted the economic system of commodities and shopping culture. In an art context YNKB see the repair workshops as one of our experiments in participation art, a performative act as an entertaining way of gathering and exchange, which can be enjoyed by many people also including an audience normally outside the usual art audience. The act of reparation gives an immediate feeling of satisfaction and the craft and skill needed is for the most part within the reach of almost everybody.