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"City Under Construction" Collective performance by Sandharbh workshop at Alkapuri-Akota Vadodara, India

EXHIBITION;  July 30 – August 9th 

The poem of von Ribbeck in Ribbeck im Haveland by Theodor Fontane is well known to every school child in Germany. Written on the glass of the window of Sparwasser HQ is the earliest version of this story, written 1875 by von Ribbecks grand child: Hertha von Witzleben. When in the classical version it is von Ribbeck's planning, his final request, to have a pear placed in his grave – in von Witzleben's version it is a lucky accident that leads to the eventual growing of a pear tree from her grandfathers grave. When burrying him, they forget to empty his pockets from the pears, he used to share with the children of the village. For the occasion of this show the American writer and artist Katherine Jackson has made a first translation of the poem from German to English. 

(read the complete translation)

Gravestones, borrowed from the Intercultural garden Neukölln (read more on the intercultural garden Neukölln in the excursion section) and stacks of News from the Field where layed out along the wall of the main room  framing the discussions and lectures that took place in Sparwasser HQ.

This became the setting for the seminar, colors on the wall was from the previous exhibition.

The newspaper News from the Field had been published by the Office of Contemporary Art, Norway as part of the Norwegian Representation, 26a Bienal de Sao Paulo by Ingrid Book & Carina Hedén: 'The Field / O Campo '

Detail from the exhibition.

Map of excursions.

Documentation from the exhibition and  materials from some of the participants

Exhibition view back room

Exhibition view back room

Some of the exhibited projects below:  /Amy Plant. Download a PDF here about the campaign.

Åsa Sonjasdotter, potato perspective,

Anna Barth, Body-Memory and Environment, photo:  Petra Lang

Fieldwork, sustaining weeds, download PDF

ecosXchange/Siraj Izhar, Download PDF

Sandarbh artists

Discursive Picnic by UNWETTER